〒904-0414 沖縄県国頭郡恩納村前兼久879

879 maeganeku onna son kunigamigun Okinawa JAPAN 904-0414

Tel: 090-9095-7644

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Okinawa Japan

Dive in Okinawa

Fun dive

(For ceitified divers only )

So you’re an experienced diver and already have your certification then Okinawa is just waiting for you. Okinawa is surrounded by beautiful dive sites that are truly world class. Be it hard or soft corals with the most spectacular of array of colors and fish, this Island has it all and is easily accessible if you know where to look. Lets go underwater together and experience them first hand. We can accept all requests so don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out more.




Snorkeling is quite possibly the most popular activity enjoyed in Okinawa. We will teach you the correct way to use your mask, snorkel and fins so you can maximize your enjoyment whilst experiencing the beautiful corals and amazingly colorful fish Okinawa has to offer.

Intro diving

(Non certified divers)

If it’s your first time diving, feel free to leave it up to us. We will help you with choosing a dive site and teach you how to dive safely. The most important part of enjoying the underwater world.



PADI Diving courses


If you would like to dive freely and experience at your own leisure the world of diving, then a PADI certification is for you. We offer all of the PADI courses, starting with the Open Water Divers course, all in English. Even if you don’t feel like you would dive independently, an Open Water Course is a great certification to have in your arsenal for traveling or even just for water safety. If you would like to know more, please ask.