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Okinawa Japan

PADI Diving Course 

If you would like to dive freely and experience at your own leisure the world of diving, then a PADI certification is for you. We offer all of the PADI courses, starting with the Open Water Divers course, all in English. Even if you don’t feel like you would dive independently, an Open Water Course is a great certification to have in your arsenal for traveling or even just for water safety. If you would like to know more, please ask.

Open Water DiverOWDCourse

The PADI open water diver (OWD) course is your key to unlocking an entire new world. The PADI OWD is recognized world wide meaning that wherever you travel to, you will always be able to dive. It also give the you skills and confidence to be able to dive freely as well as having greater knowledge in the ocean.

What to bring : swim suit・bath towel・sandals

Time required:3Days

Course requirement :1Confined water dive+4open water dive&Knowledge Development


It will enable participants from 14years old or older

Advanced Open Water Diver(AOW)Course


The Advanced Open Water Diver’s (AOWD) course is the next stage on from the OWD. This will teach you more hands on skills such as more in depth compass navigation skills and include and enable you to dive to deeper depths.

Tme required:2〜3Days

Course requirement :5Dives(including 1Deep dive and 1Navigation dive)



What to bring : swim suit・bath towel・sandals

It will enable participants from 14years old or older and OWD certification holders.